What to See at Jannat Villa - Jahal Devidarh or Jachh

  • Mundasan Mata temple is near to Jannat Villa and is at walkable distance. 
  • Jannat Villa at Jahal/Devidarh is a main treckking point to Shikari Devi & Kamrunag. Shikari devi is only 7 km far from here and it takes only appox 2 hours for reaching from Jannat Villa to Shikari Mata.
  • Jannat Villa at Jahal/Devidarh is near to Jachh which is a Starting point for Kamrunag Treak from here. it takes appox 3 hours from jachh to Kamrunag. Jachh itself is near about 4km from Jannat Villa.
  • Thick forest & ground of Mundasan mata are great points for Wildlife lovers and nature lovers !

Beautiful places near to Jannat Villa